Intelligent Basketball Equipment S6839

Model: S6839

1、Multiple serve functions, speed adjustment, 1-17 fixed-point serve, loop serve, any point or multi-point serve programming, 5 kinds of fixed program serve; 2、Programming storage memory, automatic positioning of the origin after power-on; data and display reset function; 3、Set the calculation program of the number of goals and the number of machines served, and the LED will display the number of serve simultaneously, number of goals and hit rate data; 4、Launch a variety of highly difficult professional technical balls accurately and efficiently, and cooperate with each other constantly the poor screen display technology allows trainers to observe their own exercise effects and growth speed is an intelligent coach with augmented reality a sparring partner for ball sports thinking skills.

intelligent basketball equipment S6839

Intelligent Basketball Equipment S6839

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1. Fixed-point ball
2. Spin ball
3. Horizontal swing serve
4. Adjustable speed
5. Programmable ball
6. Adjustable frequency


Voltage AC100~240V 50/60HZ
Product size 92*79*197cm
Ball capacity 1-3balls
Max Power 180W
Net weight 138KG
Frequency 2.6-4.5s/ball
Ball Size No. 6/7
Serve Distance 4~10m