Intelligent Basketball Equipment K6809

Model: K6809

1. Double net design with backboard, adjustable height according to the player's level; 2. Wireless control, Intelligent induction, multi serving modes automatically; 3. The speed, frequency and angle can be adjusted in multiple levels according to different demands 4. Folding net to save space, moving wheels to change the venue easily; 5 No need to pick up the ball, single or multi-player can practice repeatedly at the same time to strengthen the physical fitness, endurance and muscle memory; 6. Suitable for teenagers to carry out professional basketball skills training, gradually improve the players' competitive strength.

Intelligent Basketball Equipment K6809

Intelligent Basketball Equipment K6809

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1. Fixed-point drills
2. Adjustable speed and frequency
3. Horizontal drills
4. Adjustable elevation angles


Voltage AC100~240V 50/60HZ
Height 1~3m
Ball capacity 1-3balls
Max Power 360W
Frequency 2.8~7s/ball
Backboard lift 2.35~2.75m
Ball Size No. 5/6
Serve Distance 4~10m