Squash Ball Machine

Intelligent Squash Ball Equipment S336
Intelligent Squash Ball Equipment S336

1. Wireless control, intelligent induction serving, custom setting of serving speed, angle, frequency, rotation, etc;
2. Intelligent landing point programming, self-programmed training of multiple serving modes, free choice of cross-circulating ball modes;
3. Drills frequency of 2-5.1 seconds, which can help improve players' reflexes, physical fitness and endurance;
4. Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, battery life 2-3 hours suitable for indoor and outdoor;
5. The large-capacity storage basket for 80 balls does not require training mate, which greatly improves training efficiency;
6. The bottom is equipped with a moving wheel, easy to move. and various scenes can be switched at will;
7. Professional training mate, which can be used in various scenarios such as daily sports, teaching and training

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