Intelligent Basketball Equipment K1900

Model: K1900

The height of the ball can be adjusted freely according to the height of the player. The height of drop point is1.4-2.2mAdvanced technical sparring for professional basketball players, allowing trainers to pass the The amount of shooting exercise makes the shooting habits to achieve "conditioned reflex"" professional words Literacy and according to the athlete’ s own physical condition and training habits, Improve basketball skills in an orderly manner and develop a good career in subtle ways Behaviour and habits help the trainer to make perfect, happy and progress.

Intelligent Basketball Equipment k1900

Intelligent Basketball Equipment K1900

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1. Two-point, three-point, five-point and seven-point swing serve 3Fixed-point ball.
2. Ball speed and frequency can be adjusted(remote control)
3. Fixed-point ball
4. Horizontal and vertical angles can be adjusted


Voltage AC100~240V 50/60HZ
Product size 90*64*165cm
Ball capacity 1-3balls
Max Power 150W
Net weight 123KG
Frequency 2.5-7s/ball
Ball Size No. 6/7
Serve Distance 4~10m