Intelligent Basketball Equipment k1800

Model: K1800

The "customized" training program can customize the serve speed and frequency according to the player's own level and training habits. lt can also help the player adapt to different ball characteristics, training characteristics and endurance intensity by adjusting different training modes. In the process of gradual training, the player's adaptability, reaction ability, physical stamina and endurance are strengthened to help players quickly complete self-breakthrough and improve actual combat skills

Intelligent Basketball Equipment k1800

Intelligent Basketball Equipment k1800

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1. Fixed-point ball
2. Elevation angle adjustable(manual)
3. Horizontal swing serve
4. Adjustable speed
5. Adjustable frequency


Voltage AC100~240V 50/60HZ
Product size 90*64*165cm
Ball capacity 1-3balls
Max Power 150W
Net weight 120KG
Frequency 2.7-6s/ball
Ball Size No. 6/7
Serve Distance 4~10m