Intelligent Tennis Equipment TTS2000

Model: TTS2000

1. Comprehensive tennis skill drills with functions of ball feeding, ball returning and ball bouncing; 2. Smart tennis machine feeding balls, tennis training net returning balls, bounce board bouncing balls; 3. Help users to improve fundamentals (forehand, backhand. footwork) and ball hitting accuracy; 4. No need to pick up the ball frequently. No need of playmates 5. Good for both singles or doubles. Good for having fun, professional tennis training or parent-child activities; 6. Good for both tennis beginners or professionals.

Intelligent Tennis Equipment TTS2000

Intelligent Tennis Equipment TTS2000

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Three ways to use:
1. The machine is used for serving only;
2. The training net is used together with the machine;
3. The training net and Tennis rebound board are used together.


Voltage Input AC100~240V Output 24V
Product size 42*42*52cm
Ball capacity 50balls
Max Power 120W
Net weight 9.5KG
Frequency 2~8s/ball