Intelligent Tennis Equipment T2202A

Model: T2202A

1. Smart wireless remote control and mobile phone APP control 2. Intelligent drills, customized serving speed, angle, frequency, spin, etc; 3. Intelligent landing-point programming, 21 points optional, multiple serving modes, making training accurate; 4. Drills frequency of 1.8-9 seconds, helping improve players' reflexes, physical fitness and stamina; 5. Enable players to standardize basic movements, practice forehand and backhand, footwork, and improve the accuracy of ball hitting; 6. Equipped with a large-capacity storage basket, greatly increasing practice for players; 7. Professional playmate, good for various scenarios such as daily sporting, coaching and training

Intelligent Tennis Equipment T2202A

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1. Smart phone APP control
2. Multi-function remote control
3. Wide/medium/narrow two-line drills
4. Lob drills, vertical drills
5. Programmable drills(21 points)
6. Spin drills, deep-light drills three-line drills
7. Fixed-point drills. random drills
8. Flat-shot drills. volley drills


Voltage DC 12V
Product size 57*41*82cm
Ball capacity 150balls
Max Power 360W
Net weight 27KG
Frequency 1.8~9s/ball