Intelligent Football Equipment F2101A

Model: F2101A

1. Intelligent wireless remote control or connected to mobile APP Easy, convenient and efficient; 2. Intelligent landing-point programming, adjustable serving speed, angle, frequency, spin etc; 3. The horizontal angle and elevation angle can be fine-tuned, and the ground ball drills, header drills, spin drills, cross-line drills, etc. can be switched at will; 4. Suitable for both personal and team's training, rapidly improve a variety of professional skills and enhance the comprehensive competitive strength; 5. Spiral slide ball track, automatic serving, saving training time and improving training efficiency; 6. Equipped with high-end wear-resistant pulleys at the bottom. highly portable, enable to enjoy sports anytime and anywhere. 7. Professional playmate, suitable for various scenarios such as daily sports, coaching and training

Intelligent Football Equipment F2101A

Intelligent Football Equipment F2101A

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1. Smart phone APP control
2. Remote control
3. Fine-tuning of both horizontal and vertical angles
4. Programming drills(35 points)
5. Wide/medium/narrow two-line, three-line drills
6. Spin drills
7. Ground ball drills and header drills
8. Cycle cross-line drills


Voltage AC100~240V 50/60HZ
Product size 93*72*129cm
Ball capacity 15balls
Max Power 360W
Net weight 102KG
Frequency 4.5~8s/ball
Ball size 5#
Serve distance 5~20m