Intelligent Football Equipment F2101

Model: F2101

1. Intelligent induction serving, customized setting of serving parameters, a variety of serving modes optional; 2. Intelligent landing-point programming, adjustable serving speed, angle, frequency, spin etc; 3. A variety of modes switchable, including fixed-point drill two-line and three-line drills, lob and low drills, random drills and spin drills; 4. Suitable for both personal and team's training, rapidly improve a variety of professional skills and enhance the comprehensive competitive strength; 5. Spiral slide ball track, automatic serving, saving training time5and improving training efficiency; 6. Equipped with high-end wear-resistant pulleys at the bottom, highly portable, enable to enjoy sports anytime and anywhere; 7. Professional playmate, suitable for various scenarios such as daily sports, coaching and training.

Intelligent Football Equipment F2101

Intelligent Football Equipment F2101

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1. Fixed-point drills, Random drills
2. Cycle cross-line drills
3. Vertical and horizontal drills
4. Programmable drills(35 points)
5. Wide/medium/narrow two-line, three-line drills
6. Spin drills
7. Ground ball drills and header drills
8. Adjustable horizontal angles


Voltage AC100~240V 50/60HZ
Product size 93*72*129cm
Ball capacity 15balls
Max Power 360W
Net weight 102KG
Frequency 4.5~8s/ball
Ball size 5#
Serve distance 5~20m