Intelligent Badminton Equipment B8025

Model: B8025

1. High-capacity, longer training: Two baskets can hold 360-400 pcs shuttles at one time. 2.Two machines Head can be combined in parallel, also can be combined high or low. The front court and back court function balls are divided between the two machines. More stable serving, more accurate drop point, more convenient to match the ball. The cooperation between the two machines perfectly realizes the all-around coverage of the field. It has very good auxiliary function to the incipient students’ step exercise and the subsequent skill level enhancement. 3. It’s up to you to define 100 modes, targeted training. 4. Full tablet computer operation 5. Multi-mode storage can make corresponding teaching plan for different students at different level. 6. Analog of the field interface, can be directly set, delete, add, modify the mode. 7. Different ball drop points, speed, frequency, horizontal angle, elevation angle can be adjusted at will.

Intelligent Badminton Equipment B8025

Intelligent Badminton Equipment B8025

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1. Full function intelligent computer control, 2 sets single machine, lifting system and control system.
2. Vertical angle adjustment system, the highest serving height can reach 7.5 meters.
3. Single machine shooting or 2 sets combination serving, self-programming the drop point.
4.Suitable for any badminton use(nylon ball, plastic ball, badminton, etc.
5. High-performance touch screen interface, full digital function placement, three-dimensional simulation of the stadium screen.
6. Built-in 100 kinds of fixed-point and combined service modes.


Voltage AC100~240V 50/60HZ DC12V
Product size 87.5*64.2*312cm
Ball capacity 360balls
Max Power 360W
Net weight 81KG
Frequency 0.7~8s/ball
Elevation angle(no1.unit) -16 to 36 degrees
Elevation angle(no2.unit) -15 to 37 degrees