Intelligent Badminton Equipment B2000

Model: B2000

1. Intelligent serving, speed, frequency, horizontal angle, elevation angle can be customized; 2. Special square drop point, two cross-line drills, simulation of real field training; 3. Two-line net ball drills, two- line backcourt drills, backcourt horizontal random drills etc; 4. Frequency in breaking through 0.8s/ball, which quickly improve the players' reaction ability, judgment ability, physical fitness and endurance; 5. Help players standardize basic movements, practice forehand and backhand, footsteps, footwork, improve the accuracy of hitting the ball; 6. Large capacity ball cage, serving continuously, greatly improve sports efficiency; 7. lt can be used for daily sports, teaching and training, and is an excellent badminton playing partner.

Intelligent Badminton Equipment B2000

Intelligent Badminton Equipment B2000

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1. Fixed-point drills
2. High clear drills
3. Front/middle/back court drills
4. Cross-line drills
5. Two-line drills at both frontcourt and backcourt
6. Square drills
7. Horizontal drills
8. Net ball drills


Voltage AC100~240V 50/60HZ
Product size 110*110*210cm
Ball capacity 180shuttles
Max Power 300W
Net weight 17KG
Frequency 0.8~5s/ball
Elevation angle 30 degrees(fixed)