Intelligent Volleyball Equipment V6638

Model: V6638

1. Smart ball feeding, machine controlled by remote or smart phone APP 2. Able to program new drills; speed, frequency, angle and spin adjustable, 3. Pre-set drills including two-line drills, three-line drills, fixed-point drills, random drills, spin drills, smash drills etc; 4. Training of different skills including digging, serving, blocking smashing and passing; 5. Smart lifting mechanism, spiral track for ball moving &automatic ball feeding to improve training efficiency; 6. Wear-resistant wheels to move anywhere at anytime; 7. Professional volleyball playmate for daily sporting, training or coaching

Intelligent Volleyball Equipment V2201A

Intelligent Volleyball Equipment V6638

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1. Smart phone APP control
2. Programmable drills(35 points)
3. Vertical two-point, three-point and five-point drills
4. Horizontal seven-point drills
5.Two-line drills and three-line drills
6. Fixed-point drills. random drills
7. Spin drills
8. Smash drills


Voltage AC100~240V 50/60HZ
Product size 114*66*320cm
Ball capacity 30balls
Max Power 360W
Net weight 170KG
Frequency 4.6~8s/ball