Intelligent Racket Stringing Equipment S2169

Model: S2169

1. Stable constant pull function, power-on self-checking, automatic fault detection function; 2. Storage memory function, four groups of pounds can be arbitrarily set for storage; 3. Set up four sets of pre stretching functions to reduce damage to the strings; 4. Memory function of pulling times and setting of three-speed pulling speed; 5. Knotting and pounds increasing setting, automatic reset after knotting and stringing; 6. Synchronous racket clamping system, six-point positioning more uniform force on the racket.

Intelligent Racket Stringing Equipment S2169

Intelligent Racket Stringing Equipment S2169

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1. Adjustable speed
2. Adjustable kgs/lbs
3. Adjustable sound
4. Self-check function
5. Storage function
6. Pre-stretch function
7. Constant pull function
8. Knot function


Voltage AC100~240V 50/60HZ
Product size 47*96*110cm
Suitable for Badminton rackets
Max Power 35W
Net weight 39KG
Colour Black